Thursday, April 22, 2010


there are a bunch of Left coast Nubies. I have sort of lost count, and a bunch of them are Lurkers. You are a Nubie, if you feel like one , (I do, and I have been at this for over 10 years;>)

I don't know how many were at the GMCMI ( since they don't report anything about the rally;>) but the rumor is it was more than 10)

there is a lot of FUD factor that goes on here, on the net,and we often scare off the new folks we want to stay.
Fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD)

A few of us,(the vocal, technical, types) do most of the posting on the net, and yet, there are 7,000 other owners out there , not on the net. It is often lost, about ; "what am I getting myself into?" that has always plagued the new owner.

THERE IS MORE TO GMC LIFE THAN THE GMCnet) - not for me, but for lots of new folks.

So I am inviting your to come to AUBURN - meet the real folks, ask the experts, and see what people are doing and using their GMCs for... fun and learning.

This is where you: find GMC things, find sources, see things, meet GMC folks, meet each other, it is a real learning experience.

Have you ever looked a (one-name person like "Manny" in the eye?)

I hope you come, and I hope you learn

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