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Gene Fisher

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 DAY 4

Everything you need to know about aligning 
your GMC to run straight and true 

by Jerry Work.

In an information packed 2 hour seminar, Jerry discussed the wheel alignment which is a simple concept, but has a lot of confusing language.  Proper aligning is difficult, but much more accurate now with the use of new tools.  This was a very good historical and current view of alignment.

You must visually see Jerry’s presentation to really understand the meaning of:  trail, caster, camber, toe, ride height, etc., and the concepts of each, showing you how to do a proper alignment.

This presentation can be found at:


Donna Prishmont

DAY 3 

Gregg Birch on his Grandfather, Alex Birch 
(the Birchhaven was named after him).

Greg gave us a wonderful, warm history of the Birch family and how this family of “tinkerers” were entwined with GM and the GMC Motorhome.
For the full story and lots of pictures, go to http://birchaven.wordpress.com/.
Be sure and follow all the links for all the pictures
Also, see the “GMC Heritage” site.
New Computing 
by Gene Fisher

Pods, Pads, Phones, Tablets

It is inevitable that we will have one of these!

A discussion on what these things do (or don’t do) for you.

i-Pad demonstration on Melissa’s i-Pad.  You can do things on the I-Pad that you cannot do with a regular computer (PC, laptop or desktop).  i-Pod is a mini version of the I-Pad.  Everything you can do on your PC you can do on your I-Pad.  However, I-Pads are difficult to type on.

Gene likes the i-Pad for all the thousands of applications available to choose. Speedtest X app allows you to take pictures of whatever picture you have on your screen.

Virgin Mobile $40 – buy 10 days for $10.  Unlimited data for $50 a month.  It’s a cellphone/internet device.  No contracts.

i-Pad is great for getting online magazine subcriptions.  MagicJack is an app that allows you to use VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) for local and long distance calling through the I-Pad.

Bluetooth ear phone.  Blue ant ear phone. $30.  Not for cellphones.  A2-DP Bluetooth will work with your phone, computer and listen to music.  Make sure you can return it if it doesn’t work with your particular applications.

To view Gene’s presentation go to:
Donna Prishmont
GMC on the Internet 
by Armand Minnie

Armand delivered a very informative talk and visuals from his computer on accessing GMCWS.org:   signing on, checking and updating your personal information, and moving around the website in general.  Newsletters are listed in PDF form for the latest newsletter as well as archived.

Also, there was a very in informative discussion on accessing the GMCnet and the forum.  As well as questions and answers for individual questions.

Donna Prishmont

Prep It Right:  How to prepare yourself and your coach 
for successful Long Distance Travel
Jerry and Sharon Work

Sharon and Jerry gave a wonderful, personal, in depth, and informative talk on making your long distance travels successful and fun.  This includes being flexible, using teamwork, patience and respect for your partner.  Their tips and suggestions for making changes in the GMC to fit your lifestyle are invaluable.
Work on the inside of your coach first.  There are many capable mechanics across this nation that can “work” on the mechanical “outside” of the coach.
GM Design Team started first when creating the GMC starting with 115 different motor home floor plans offered by 75 manufacturers ranging in size from 20 to 28 feet.  Finally settled on 23 and 26 foot models.  Then the final body shape was formulated.  Women RV driver’s and House and Garden were instrumental in making the GMC interior desirable.
Reliability comes next:  good tires, radiator, brakes, alternator, starter, and muffler are a must.  Also, re-gear (lower) your coach whether for towing or mountain climbing.  Change your fluids:  engine oil, power steering, transmission, radiator coolant and brake fluid.

This is just a small sample of the information that Sharon and Jerry provide.  To get the full information on this great seminar go online to:


In this informative seminar, Gary Bovee first gave us a little history on the original GMC Air Suspension System with detailed slides showing all the parts and pieces of the older system.  This was followed by information on his new Wireless Air System

Gary included the pros and cons of current system plus replacement criteria.  Needs are fewer air connections, mechanical parts, wire connections, larger compressor and less expensive.

The wireless system uses a wireless remote and should be installed in the rear and avoid heat and water.  The space needed to stall Gary’s Wireless Air System is approximately 12” x 12” x 6”.

Drawbacks of the System is its limited to a max of 100 psi – can be remedied with air bag extenders.

Much more detailed information on this new Wireless Air System can be found online at:
Donna Prishmont
picture by Rebecca
One Ton Front End Axles
 by Manny Travao (Jim Hupy)

Costs differ depending what they supply (brakes, etc).  Difference in the width.  Sticks out further with a spacer.  Larger knuckle assembly.  Brake rotor and calipers significantly larger to stop a truck 14-15K lb truck.

Helps with braking, ride height and tracking on the road.

Jerry Work has put $1900+ in his.

Kanamata’s cost - $2,500

Manny less, but you have to buy extras.


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